Torridge Training Consultants Ltd

Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Torridge Training Consultants

(TTC) was originally set up to utilize a plethora of consultants knowledge and expertise in the areas of educational fields of Vocational Education Training (VET) to young people either in education or those about to leave mainstream education entering the employment market with little or low educational attainment levels.

We have built upon these ideals and incorporated our expertise across many fields of education and training, including understanding and respecting diversity (cultural, ethnic, social, linguistic, gender, etc.) expressed by fair implementation of human rights, democratic values, equal opportunities, non-violence, all supported by active citizenship. TTC promotes an inclusive, intercultural society based on European values while preserving social and cultural diversity.

We now play an active role in European Educational funded projects/work based skills programmes that through European collaboration and partnership cooperation create training programmes and ideologies at local, regional national and international level through organized workshops to support formal and non-formal education and the "design thinking management" mechanism of modern paradigms/styles.


Areas of expertise include:-
• Development of interactive IT courses
• e-learning & m-learning, Moodle and Web platforms, Website construction
• SEO, SEM and specialist programming, Social networking, e-commerce Actions
• Cascade training, Social activation, Youth actions, Intercultural integration Business
• BPR/TQM, Focus events